Resurrecting The Blog

November 29th, 2015 § 3 comments

This school year like most years has been a journey into trying to improve myself as a Math Teacher. However, this year more so than others, has been above what I normally do. I have sought out other math teachers in the #MTBoS (math-twitter-blog-o-sphere) and looked to try new ideas, practices, teaching strategies, lessons, and more.

Nothing felt truly “blog worthy” until I came across our school district’s current pension for John Hattie’s research. My school district, like many others, focuses on a common educational researcher and uses their research as a focal point for professional development throughout the year.

This is the first time I have really looked into John Hattie and while I was sitting in a PD meeting reading a list of his teaching strategies and disciplines that have the largest “effect size” I came across a discrepancy according to my recent research.

Hattie ranked the teaching strategy of “direct instruction” (0.59) as having almost twice the effect of “inquiry-based learning” (0.31) and almost four times the effect of “problem-based learning” (0.15).

Over my recent research I had not come across someone blatantly stating that it is better to utilize direct instruction than elements of inquiry-based or problem-based learning. I recognize that education is a pendulum that swings from side to side, but under current research I thought practices of constructivism were superior.

So this is what takes us to the resurrection of the blog. I will be jumping into plenty of research on this topic over the following months and rather than keep all my findings in my iPad I think it would be better to publish them on here for the reference of others.

I look forward to being challenged, to find out if I am wrong, and/or if I am simply in a grey area and there are elements of truth in both camps. Either way, I must know more. Until the next post.



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