Seeking Inspiration From Books

December 27th, 2011 § 8 comments

So I figure many of the ways I will get inspired for posts on this blog will be my own classroom situations and conversations with you and other teachers. However, I thought reading some books during the process will also help to garner some inspiration for this blog. You would think that there would be tons of books on teaching math – or at least I did. It seems like authors grab ahold of a hot button topic like differentiation or literacy in mathematics and write 300 pages about that topic. Not that I am against reading 300 pages on differentiation, but I am looking for inspiration! I want some thoughts on methods, strategies, types of lessons, etc etc. This is not a differentiation blog – but a math instruction blog. I did download a sample of Learning to Love Math: Teaching Strategies That Change Student Attitudes and Get Results and I am hoping that it will give me something to go on…

Do you have any books that you would recommend? Even if you come across this post 3 years later – please leave a comment with a book recommendation!

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  • Eric says:

    Books I have read and enjoyed:
    A Mathematician’s Lament: How School Cheats Us Out of Our Most Fascinating and Imaginative Art Form by Paul Lockhart and Keith Devlin (I enjoyed this a lot – but it is a little depressing…)

    What’s Math Got to Do with It?: How Parents and Teachers Can Help Children Learn to Love Their Least Favorite Subject by Jo Boaler

    I am currently tracking down books on math and RTI – specifically on diagnostics and intervention strategies. You mentioned data in a post – I am looking for what to do with the data I have. So maybe if you have any resources in that area you could let me know…

    • Sanne says:

      That’s not even 10 mituens well spent!

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    • http://www./ says:

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    • http://www./ says:

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    • I’d venture that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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