The Love and Hate of Best Practices

December 23rd, 2011 § 5 comments

I get why best practices are important and why we talk about them and attempt to get teachers to use them. I however feel that there is an inherent danger with labeling best practices. It can seem as if you do not use one of them or several of them then you are not a good teacher. This is besides the point that every book or person you meet has a different definition of what are THE best practices for teaching math. We need to face it there each teach is very different from the next and more importantly each student is very different from the next. Focusing less on labeling and more on discovering new and innovative ways to teach math is far more important in my opinion. It should be our job not to implement “best practices” but attempt to try out as many practices as possible to see what works best for the current group of students you have and what works best for who you are as a teacher. We are not robots.

All that being said, we should be doing everything we can to continue to learn, get better, and discover ways to make our classroom and instruction the best it can be. That is hopefully what this blog will assist in doing for me and anyone else reading.

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