The Math Of Minecraft

January 8th, 2012 § 0 comments

A student I tutor is in love with the online game Minecraft.  It is a game in which you mine and build things out of cubes. There is a basic free version which simply gives you the ability to build in a free open range and then a paid version that adds gaming elements. We used the free version which is accesible within the browser so it can probably be used in most schools if the computer is updated with Java (and its not blocked). We worked on a lesson with volume and surface area that went so well I will probably be formally writing it up and posting it on MakeMathMore’s Real-Life Math Lessons. It is a great tool as you can freely walk around and use cubes which work great for building rectangular prisms that allowed us to easily calculate volume and surface area.

This is the reason I look for Math everywhere as you never know where you will find something that will make a perfect teaching lesson.

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